Youth Program

If you are a young adult who wants to make friends, have fun, and participate in exciting activities, contact us to learn more! We offer a wide variety of fun and educational activities throughout the year for youth between the ages of 4-24 who want to participate.

Through enriching and supportive events, classes, and support sessions, the aim of the program is to help youth connect with others who share similar disability experiences and to teach young people more about how to live as a responsible adult with a disability.

We believe in offering both engaging and meaningful programs to help youth gain the skills and the know-how they need as they enter adulthood. We foster an environment where young people can learn that having a disability isn’t going to get in the way of achieving a full, meaningful, and independent life in adulthood.

Staff members can also work with youth and their families on IEP (Individual Education Plans) or other education advocacy issues as well as life skills training needed to live well independently.

We offer youth leadership training and teach self-advocacy. Advisors work with young adults to help them to develop self-confidence and discover their individual strengths.