Nursing Home Transition

A Nursing Home Transition Coordinator can help you identify programs that can assist you in transitioning back to your home from a nursing home.

Nursing Facility Transition and Life Skills Training
If you or someone you know resides in a nursing facility and are interested in moving back into the community, Red Rock Center for Independent is available to help you learn more about your choices for community living and assistance with making the transition.

Our Nursing Facility Transition Services include:

  • Education and outreach to facilities, individuals, and/or families interested in learning more about the program and community based options
  • Individual Assessments to identify the individual’s strengths, challenges, abilities, and desires to ensure their wishes are honored in developing a comprehensive care plan
  • Long Term Support-to assist the individual in making informed choices about services
  • Care Plan Development-to address the individual preferences and care needs of the individual
  • Service Coordination-to support the individual in obtaining the types of services and supports they will need to be independent in the community
  • Life Skills Training-to guide the individual in developing the skills they need to be successful in their transition back to the community

Throughout the transition process, the Transition Coordinator will gently inform and support the individual, while encouraging them to take the lead in their transition journey. Post-transition follow-up by phone and face to face meetings will also be provided by the Transition Coordinator as necessary.